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Getting to Madrid by Car

Madrid is the centre of Spain’s road network. Kilometre O is located at the Puerta del Sol, alongside the Real Casa de Correos, from which point all roads start and connect Madrid with the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. A dense road network runs through the city, of which the six national motorways can be highlighted
  • A-1. Madrid-Irún. Motorway of the North
    It leads to the Plaza de Castilla, where the two famous towers forming the gateway to Europe are found. If you wish to visit the Northern Sierra of Madrid, you must take this motorway. 
  • A-2. Madrid-Barcelona. Motorway of Aragon
    It passes through the Henares corridor and connects Madrid with Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.
  • A-3. Madrid-Valencia. Motorway of Valencia
    It is also the road to Albacete, Alicante and Murcia.                                    
  • A-4. Madrid-Seville. Motorway of Andalusia
    This motorway links the capital to the South of Spain and connects with other roads leading to Malaga, Cadiz and Almeria.
  • A-5. Madrid-Badajoz. Motorway of Extremadura
    This motorway goes all the way to the Portuguese border and is an alternative route to the west of Andalusia.
  • A-6. Madrid-A Coruña. Motorway of A Coruña
    After passing through the municipality of Villalba, it becomes the AP-6 toll motorway, which leads to the town of Adanero in Avila. It has a reversible lane on the stretch close to the city, which changes depending on the amount of traffic.